Our Vision

Our VISION is to be the leading company in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) distribution.



Our Brands

Vitamilk Soymilk

Bakoma Milk

Ocean Fish Smoked Salmon

Bostani Chocolate

BIP Novelty Candy

Cocon Pudding

Brahmins Food

Divella Pasta

Erko Marshmallow

Haribo Candy

LaFesta Choco Drink

Diyar Saffron

Mehran Food & Spices

Mr. Brown Coffee Drink

OGFC Lollipop & Sweets

Orion Choco & Custard Pie

Oshee Sports Drink & Muesli Bar

Relkon Novelty Candy

Schogetten Chocolate

Fritt Chewy Candy

Shaheen Energy Drink

Corona Raw Coffee

TCTF Novelty Candy